About Me

I'm Steven Hyung, CEO of H&T Consulting in Korea and WE Tour Ltd in New Zealand. I have been in the Hospitality and  Tourism Industry for 10 years now. I have a philosophy in our company which is "FELT". 

What is FELT? 

> F is Feeling. You can feel through our tour

> E is Enjoying. You can enjoy through our tour 

> L is Learning. You can learn through our tour.

> T is touching. You can get touched through our tour.  

I'm always trying to be unique and something different and more professional in it. 

I am guaranteed that we can give you the biggest value of your traveling while you are on our tour. 

Be enjoy our Korea tour. 

CEO Career Experiences 

- 2010 ~ 2011        Hotelier at Notovel Ambassador Hotel, Doksan, Seoul 

- 2011 ~ 2012        Kim's Travel Service, Sales Manager

- 2012 ~ Present   H&T Consulting CEO

- 2013 ~ Present   Travel-Advisor Ltd COO 

- 2015 ~ 2017        Professor in Hotel management, at the University of Gyewon. 

- 2018 ~ Present   WE Tour Ltd CEO in New Zealand 

Company History

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Head Office (Suwon) : #403 Star Building, 12-39 Yongtongro 241st Road, Yongtonggu, Suwon City, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea

Busan Branch : ​ 3rd Floor, 17 Minlakro 27th Street, Suyonggu , Busan City, South Korea

Jeju Branch : 437 Seongyo Road, Jocheon-Eup, Jeju-City, Jeju Specialized Province. , South Korea

Auckland Branch : 10F, 2 Kitchener St, Auckland CBD, Auckland, New Zealand